Data galore

October has been crazy! I’ve had exams, submitted some major grants, went to Chicago and Argonne National Lab, and collected a lot of data. But I’ve found some time to relax (see photo, left)! I left off with my copper coating issues on the last post, and I’m happy to say that I think I … More Data galore

3 weeks down

Okay. I’ve almost made it through the first month of grad school. I think things are going..alright? It’s definitely a different ballgame from undergrad, I have a lot more plates to juggle. I’m in two classes and one seminar this semester, with one class per day and the seminar once a week on Friday’s. Classes … More 3 weeks down

ND Geology Field Trip

The end of June, 2018, Kirstin Kempel and I took 14 middle schoolers from North Sargent High School in Gwinner, ND, on a two-day geology field trip around southeast North Dakota. I first had the idea remembering a similar geology trip I had been on as an undergrad at North Dakota State University (NDSU) and … More ND Geology Field Trip


The end of November was bittersweet as I shared my final days with my South American friends and prepared my suitcases for the flight home. After returning from El Tatio, I had 10 days, a final Fulbright presentation, a birthday party, and an apartment checkout left. It was a busy week and a half and … More Farewells

The Atacama

I had the amazing opportunity to be in the Atacama Desert for 6 days (Nov 14-19) helping collect data on geysers in the El Tatio Geyser Field. Dr. Reich’s new PostDoc student, Carolina, recently joined the group after getting her PhD from University of California Berkeley. She has been studying geyser mechanics/fluid flow from a … More The Atacama

Chilean mine tours

I got to tag along on the Economic Geology field trip this past week! My friends Andrea and Cinthia are taking the class, taught by Dr. Barra, and I was lucky enough to be the plus one. We took a bus from Santiago to La Serena, which is about a 6 hour drive north on … More Chilean mine tours

Last visitors

My boyfriend, Mike, and his mom, Shelley, were the last people to come visit me in Santiago. They came at a really beautiful time of the year as all the flowers are in full bloom, the weather is nice but not scorching, and tons of new fruits are starting to show up in the vegetable/fruit … More Last visitors

Celebrating Dieciocho

September is an extremely happy month for Chileans. The weather starts getting really nice, the smog clears, spring begins, and their biggest celebration all happen within a couple weeks. The official independence day is Sept 18 and is referred to as either Fiestas Patrias or Dieciocho, but the parties start 4 or 5 days before … More Celebrating Dieciocho